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MMP Services Pricing Policy


All Fixed Rates for Services offered are listed on Mauve Media Productions' ("MMP") website ("Site") Services page. Fees may change at the discretion of MMP, however any changes in fees will not apply to work-in-progress that has been paid in part or full or has been secured with a deposit for work to commence. Any Services that do not indicate Fixed Rates will be specified in the form of custom-quote MMP Project Invoices. The pricing terms indicated in custom-quote MMP Project Invoices will be valid for 90 days upon issuance.  


MMP Services Commencement Policy


Prior to MMP proceeding with any Services (Fixed Rate or otherwise) all Clients will receive an MMP Project Invoice with Payment Terms and Conditions. Services will commence when, and only when, an MMP Project Invoice is agreed upon, in writing or digital signature, by MMP and Client(s), and any applicable required Deposits have been secured. 


MMP Services Deposit Policy


Deposits are required for most Services and are non-refundable. Any cancellations made after the Service has begun will not qualify for a refund.


MMP Third-Party Billing and Processing Services Policy

MMP reserves the right to require Clients to provide payment and compensation for Services rendered through the following third-party billing and processing services: Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, SquareUp and Wix Payments (collectively, "Third-Party Billing and Processing Services"). All payments and compensations made through Third-Party Billing and Processing Services are subject to the proprietary privacy and data collection policies of Third-Party Billing and Processing Services. Such Third Party Billing and Processing Services may receive or otherwise have access to MMP's Users’ Personal Information and/or Users-of-Users’ Personal Information, in its entirety or in part – depending on each of their particular roles and purposes in facilitating and enhancing MMP's Services and business, and may only use it for such purposes.

MMP Services Payment Completion Policy

MMP reserves the right to withhold the results of Services rendered ("Finished User Content") until full payment has been made for Services rendered. Prior to full payment being retained by MMP for Services rendered MMP reserves the right to watermark any Finished User Content accordingly. Finished User Content will only be delivered in full according to the aforementioned agreed upon MMP Project Invoice once full payment has been made.

Effective as of January 01, 2019

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