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(Numbers format, 12.9 MB zip file, v11_18_2020)


Got more audio plugins than you can keep track of? Can't remember what certain plugins ​do? What are the latest versions of the plugins on your system and when did you last install them? Want to take a quick glance at a plugin's GUI?

Geared towards Mac users who use the Numbers app, this Audio Plugin Spreadsheet template will help you save time when fishing through your plugin collection for a particular job.

I've included easy-to-use checkboxes for categorizing and sub-categorizing plugins according to effect types such as Dynamics, EQ, Reverbs, Delays, and more. New categories can easily be added to suit your needs.

This audio plugin spreadsheet template packet is a free download without any restrictions or licensing required. Included in the zip packet are basic visual instructions of how to use the spreadsheet as well as a "Terms of Use" statement.

I hope this spreadsheet is as useful to you as it has been to me.


Thanks for visiting MMP!

(Click on Spreadsheet pic below to download packet) 

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