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Charlie Hester Comedy -
Vagabond Girl
Charlie Hester Comedy Yellow #1.png

Standup comedian extraordinaire Charlie Hester performed a couple hilarious nights in South Bend, IN at a place called the Drop Comedy Club. Out of the two shows that we recorded this PG-13-But-Not-Quite-NSFW song seemed like a perfect showcase of how a live recording in an acoustically challenging environment can sound. Three mics and a ukulele can go a long way when the performer is someone like Charlie. Good times!

FP -
Rabbit Hole
Sharp-Dressed Men - (FP Edition)_edited.

Technically speaking FP was not a MMP "client" per se (FP was my personal band) however this one is worth showing off. One of our songs, "Rabbit Hole" showcases an eclectic cadre of creative guitar tones. Besides playing guitar (alongside co-guitarist Robert Shepherd, bassist Jake Lockard, and drummer Matt Goodner) I sang the lead vocals and engineered/produced this song. It's ballsy and quirky all in one fell swoop. Enjoy!

Tyler and Nicci -
Lilac Serenade
Tyler & Nicci Lilac Serenade (Adjusted).

Here's a great example of taking someone else's DAW project and bringing it to completion. My son and daughter-in-law Tyler and Nicci created a spoken word song in GarageBand for their wedding. We then re-recorded all of their vocals at my home studio over a Christmas break and then I mixed things from there in Logic Pro X. Similarly I can import projects from various other DAWs such as ProTools, Logic Pro X, Harrison Mixbus, Studio One, and Tracktion/Waveform.

Bernice Wilson -
Back Home Again in Indiana Medley
Upright Piano

Friends of Bernice Wilson hired me to record an album's worth of her improvisations of favorite hymns and traditional melodies. Everything was recorded on-site in her home over the course of two days using a 6-mic set-up on her upright grand piano. I then mixed and mastered the recorded tracks back at my home studio. The goal here was to capture an accurate representation of Bernice in her element in the comfort of her own home. 

Dan First -
Each Day
Dan First.jpeg

Several years ago Dan First hired me to produce and record four of his songs. We spent many hours setting up mics and gear in my house's living room, working in a less than ideal acoustic environment with very modest equipment. These songs were a lot of fun to work on and the mixes still hold up pretty well today. Dan First was a great client and a good friend and I'm glad to have been part of his music! 

Funereal Winter -
Brison Scott - Funereal Winter (Pose).pn

Here's a good example of the benefits of Reamping. The guitarist performed all of the guitars at his apartment and then he sent me the guitar DI tracks along with a rough mix of how the song needed to sound. I then reamped all of his guitar tracks through Orange, Peavey, Marshall, and Mesa Boogie amps with various speakers/cabs and mics/pres before mixing the rest of the song. 

Christina Ladd -
Their Story

A few years back Christina Ladd hired me to help co-write and produce a song that she was working on. This was "back in the day" for me when everything was tracked, mixed and mastered on a Roland VS-1680 recorder. I played all of the instrumentation: guitars, bass, lap dulcimer, mandolin, and synths and Christina sang all of the vocals. We spent quite a bit of time getting things "just right" with both the songwriting and our performances and all of our hard work paid off with a timeless mix that still sounds relevant today.

Forest of Witchery -
Invokation of the Ancient One
Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.27.17 PM.png

Another "back in the day" recording on the Roland VS-1680. This one dates back to 2004 and everything was done at my house. We spent 14 months recording an album's worth of songs for what would become Brison's first foray into black metal. Besides producing and engineering everything I also played bass and did all of the synth and drum programming. This was an epic beast of a project that continues to bare its teeth.

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