Contact for Current Rates. Custom Estimates are required for certain services. Discounted Rates may be available for larger long-term Contract-based projects. Prior to work commencing all Clients will receive an itemized MMP Project Invoice* with Payment Terms and Conditions. Please contact MMP via the Contact Form below.
*See Payment Terms and Conditions page for more details.  
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Got tracks that need mixing? I've mixed most genres and I'm always excited about pushing boundaries. My mixing environment is dialed in and ready to tackle anything from stem mixing to tough jobs that require heavy editing. Flexible rates are available dependent upon the quality of clients' raw tracks and turnaround requirements.

Non-refundable Deposit required for all Mix Work. Required Deposit amount will be specified in Client's MMP Project Invoice. Additional fees will be required when extensive Editing is deemed necessary. Clients will be advised accordingly prior to extensive Editing and amended MMP Project Invoice will be issued for Client approval before any further Editing begins.



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BOOKING requires Non-Refundable Deposit Per Each Day Booked for On-Location Recording

Remainder of Recording Fees REQUIRED AT END OF SESSION

before any Material is released to Client

Mixing Fees Not Included

(See Mixing Fees for more details)

Session Setup Fees Vary According to

Number of Mics, Location, etc

Overdub In-Studio Session Fees Not Included

Additional Fuel/Travel/Lodging fees may be required for some locations. 

Smoke-Free Locations Only

No Exceptions


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Real Amps. Real Speakers.

Real Mics. Real Mic Pres.

That pretty much sums it up.

Non-refundable Deposit required for all Reamping Work. Required Deposit amount will be specified in Client's MMP Project Invoice.

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Custom Estimates and Contracts Required

For Production and Engineering Work


As a Producer or Engineer I can propel your vision to the next level. I have produced projects ranging from Solo Piano performances to Bluegrass artists to modern Rock/Metal/Country bands and everything in between.

Rates vary according to location, project duration, equipment required, etc.

Discounted Rates may be available

for larger long-term projects.



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Need Guitar Tracks or Basslines for your album or song? I've been playing for over 36 years and I am well-equipped for most genres or styles of session work. I can work in a live session with other players or remotely from scratch and I am fluent with traditional manuscript, tablature, the Nashville Number System, chord sheets, etc.



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It's like Christmas.

With gear...And cameras.

Demos can be whatever the Client needs.

Guitars, Basses, Pedals, Amps/Cabs, Individual Speakers, Recording Gear/Software, Microphones, etc

Non-Refundable Deposit required for all Demo work. Required amount will be specified in Client's MMP Project Invoice.

Kitchen Sink


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Need something that doesn't fit one of the above categories? No problem. I've done Commercial Jingles, Software Beta Testing, Product Field Testing, Logo Design, Photography Editing, Music Transcription and Much More. I'm Creatively Driven to tackle just about anything.  

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