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Got tracks that need mixing? I've mixed most genres and I'm always excited about pushing boundaries. My mixing environment is dialed in and ready to tackle anything from stem mixing to tough jobs that require heavy editing. Flexible rates are available dependent upon the quality of clients' raw tracks and each project's unique turnaround requirements.

  • I provide ongoing Client communication at various stages of the mixdown process (via streaming mix samples and Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, emails, etc) to ensure the mix is heading in the right direction.

  • Clients can send individual tracks, subgroup stems, or even entire *DAW project bundles for mixing.

  • Once MMP Project Invoice has been submitted and accepted (e.g. estimated time required, editing required, etc) the work will commence upon receipt of Non-Refundable Deposit. 

  • Watermarked streaming previews of Final Mixes will be sent to Client for final approval. Uncompressed files of Final Mixes will be delivered to Clients once the remainder of fees have been paid.   

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Non-refundable Deposit required for all Mix work. Required Deposit amount will be specified in Client's MMP Project Invoice. Additional fees will be required when extensive Editing is deemed necessary. Clients will be advised accordingly prior to extensive Editing and amended MMP Project Invoice will be issued for Client approval before any further Editing begins.

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Music Production should always be the ultimate marriage of Creativity and Technical know-how. As a Producer or Engineer I can propel your vision to the next level. I have produced projects ranging from Solo Piano performances to Bluegrass artists to Modern Rock/Metal/Country bands and everything in between. I love navigating back and forth between Big Picture decisions and the Details of Engineering by:

  • Striving to bring out the best in an artist's or band's songwriting, performances, and creativity without adversely controlling or stylizing the end results.

  • Helping keep Clients and their Projects efficient and on-task by way of constant progress updates and keeping Big Picture goals in focus at all times.

  • Treating all Clients with Respect and Professional Courtesy to help them feel confident and at ease as we work together to see their project through to completion.

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Custom Estimates and Contracts Required for Production and Engineering work. Rates vary according to location, project duration, equipment required, etc. Discounted Rates may be available for larger long-term projects.

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